The importance of the European elections

The importance of the European elections

In the previous European elections the participation rate in was about 43 percent while the polls indicate that the number will raise this year.
Every five years, EU citizens from 28 countries go to the polls to elect their representatives in the European Parliament. This year the voters were encouraged to participate in the elections after a significant reluctance in the previous elections. The campaigns that the European Parliament prepared for these elections played very important role in that.

Anti-immigrant parties are expected to get more seats in the next parliament, which will have a major impact on asylum policy in the EU.
The United Kingdom voted to leave the European union and the populist anti-immigration governments came to power in several countries in Europe, Poland, Italy and other states, while other states like Spain the right-wing parties began to get high votes in the elections.
Populist and Right parties have never won a majority in parliament, but despite their lack of control over parliament, the extreme populist right in Europe has managed to dominate the political debate even though it is a minority. They have created a political crisis that has led to delays in helping large numbers of refugees, resulting in drowning and other events, as well as their negative impact on integration processes within EU countries.

The next elections are an opportunity for the European peoples to determine their position clearly from these parties. the non europeans in Europe are waiting to see what these elections will bring to the union, are waiting to see what kind of union the EU Citizens votes will bring.

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