Europe’s future is a mystery, but we have some clues: Elections in Spain

Europe’s future is a mystery, but we have some clues: Elections in Spain

After winning nearly 11% of the vote in 2018 in the Andalusian region of Spain, VOX party won 24 seats in the Spanish parliament for the first time in the Spanish legislative elections in April this year.
The young party which was created in 2013 became the first right-wing party with parliamentary representatives at the national level in Spain.
The rise of right-wing parties not only in Spain, if we look at other countries in the European Union we will notice that the same is repeated in France and other countries.

VOX took an advantage of several conditions in Spain and even Europe. The party focuses on the national cultural aspect to exploit the feelings of the Spanish citizens and demands the restoration of “what was stolen”, so it places immigration as a fundamental challenge and a main cause of the problems in Spain, as it clearly shows fears of Muslims and considered them a threat to the country.
His phrase “I’m Spanish” reminds us of how Donald Trump came to power in the United States using “America first” and focusing on the threat that migration will bring to the states.
The idea of building a wall with Mexico was the same idea mentioned by VOX to build a wall in the borders with Morocco to stop migration to Spain.

Maybe VOX party didn’t win enough numbers to be in charge yet, but it’s a sign where Europe is going and what Europe is facing in the upcoming years.


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