Common values between immigrants and the European Union.

Common values between immigrants and the European Union.

Italy and the ongoing controversy over the granting of citizenship to young foreigners.

A 13-year-old Egyptian boy rescued about 50 other Italian children were in a bus taking them to school after contacting the police and informing them of what was happening. The hijacker was the bus driver, an Italian man of Senegalese origin who said that the kidnapping, which would have ended with the burning of children, was in retaliation for the deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean. The Italian Interior Minister, despite his anti-immigration stance, invited the child to the Ministry of Interior building to grant him Italian citizenship in honour of him.

The issue of granting citizenship to second-generation immigrants in Italy has now become controversial. A few months ago in France we watched the young African refugee from Mali, who rescued a French child before he fell from the building. This news put a big question mark on the behaviour of some EU countries towards immigrants and treating them as a threat to the country. Perhaps the statement of the Italian Interior Minister carries hidden meanings when he said: “This Egyptian child understood the values ​​of our country”.
Mr Salvini has fallen into the trap of his right wing anti-immigration values, or maybe he is an ignorant of the rest of the societies outside Europe. Many societies outside the European Union have the same values as societies in the European Union, and often these values existed before the creation of the European Union. The suspension of such a comment reflects a monopoly on these human values and this is what we do not want, especially in these days when ethnic tendencies are emerging again. The problems that have begun to produce hatred and racism will eventually lead to the destruction of the link between the various communities.


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