Europe needs more solidarity between Member States

Europe needs more solidarity between Member States

Greece has faced a major economic crisis for many years. The crisis became more complicated after the country became the main destination for illegal immigrants as well for the refugees mainly from Syria. Greece was their first step within the EU. The numbers of immigrants have declined in recent months due to the policies of the European Union which tried to close the road especially after the repeated drowning cases where hundreds of people died.
More than 1 million refugees and migrants have arrived to Greece through the Turkish coast since 2015 also nearly 900,000 people arrived to the Greek islands only in 2015. The numbers have risen dramatically after the decision by some EU countries and the so-called “Western Balkan road” to close their borders in front of refugees and immigrants.

The greek commitment to the European laws as a member state of the EU made the country in big crisis regard to illegal immigration and refugees crisis, also the economic crisis were another reason to complicate the migration crisis to become one of the hardest challenges facing the government.

The solutions that were presented by the European Union have been in several points, perhaps the most important one were the agreements that have been made with the countries where the migrants and refugees used it as a transit destination in their way to the European Union, Turkey is one of the most important partners in this regard. The agreement which was provided for Turkey’s obligation to secure its land and sea borders to prevent the influx of immigrants and refugees into the EU, and in return the Union would cover all the expenses. Turkey has about 3.5 million Syrian refugees since 2011.
The amendments proposed to the Dublin Regulation were also an important stage for the EU to work on today, particularly the details concerning the fingerprints in Greece and the problems that the members are facing in regard to the deportations processes.

The EU member states’ response is still different from state to state, that’s why we started to hear many voices and demands from members of the European Parliament for more solidarity and equitable distribution of refugees among the EU member states either by moving refugees from Greece to other EU countries or even directly from Turkey.

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